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Getting Started
How do I start using Begin Again?

Begin Again is an invite only community. You can register using an invite from another existing user on the platform. In case you don’t have an invite, you can still register but you will be put under a waitlist. Post screening for genuineness, you will be allowed to use Begin Again.

I registered through Mobile, but am unable to get into the app. Why?

Begin Again has stringent screening mechanisms in place to make sure fake profiles don’t get through. We constantly review profiles and allow only genuine profiles. If these things are followed but you are still unable to get on the app, you should check your network connection.

How do I change my location?

Begin Again picks your current location when you login to the app for the first time. However, in case you are at a new location and want to look up people around you there, you can always update it from the Settings menu. To change your current location, we first ask you to switch on your location settings. If you agree to that, your current location will be updated automatically. However, if you wish to update it manually, you can say No to location settings and update your location by typing the city name or selecting one from list provided.

How do I add more pictures to my profile?

When you sign up on Begin Again, we request a minimum of 2 pictures. However, you can edit and replace those pictures by clicking on the edit profile option and add new pictures of yours from your phone gallery or by taking a selfie.

How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile from the Me tab. Just go to your profile from there and tap the edit icon. A cool tip: The more your profile is complete, the higher are your chances of getting a match. Get that profile completion meter up to 100%.

How do I chat with my connection?

You can only chat with people you have successfully connected with. Once you do, you can send them unlimited messages on chat. The more interesting your messages, the higher the chances of you converting it into a conversation. So go ahead and start off on the right note. Tell them more about yourself.

Once you get a connection, only then you can chat and send unlimited free messages to your match. For that, you need to tap on conversations icon and select the user you want to chat with.

How can I connect with a profile I like?

To connect a profile, tap on the “connect” button at the bottom of the profile card. If you connect someone and they connect you back, it’s a successful connection! You can then begin chatting with each other. You can see all your connections in the Conversations section, which you can reach by tapping on the icon on the bottom right of your home screen.

Why am I being shown these profiles, and how can I change my preferences of profiles being shown?

Begin Again’s matching logic takes into account many factors while showing you profiles; like – mutual interests, commonalities, and age and location preferences. You can change your preferences by tapping on the filter button on the top right in the discover section.

Can I search for a specific profile on Begin Again?

No, as of now, you cannot search for a specific profile.

What happens when I delete my account?

We strongly encourage you not to delete your account on Begin Again, as once you delete your account, all your information (including chats & matches) are permanently removed from our database. If in future you wish to get back on Begin Again, you will have to sign up as a new user.

What about my privacy? Is my contact information safe?

Begin Again takes special care to ensure all information you share with us remains confidential and is not misused. Begin Again does not share any of your details with anyone. Some of the security measures we take on the app to help you feel secure are –

  1. Option for all users to choose not to show their work info
  2. Not allowing users to take screenshots of the app (Android only).
  3. Encrypting your phone number to keep it secured.