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10 Smart Ways to Make Dating After Divorce Easier

Dating after divorce can certainly feel daunting at first, but it doesn’t need to be! In the era of cultural shifts and globalization, Indians over 30 are redefining what dating means. A sizeable population on dating apps consists of mature individuals. Divorced singles are even comfortable declaring their relationship status to the world - a positive step in self-acceptance and fulfilling life.

While going through a divorce is a different experience for each couple, it can leave some confusion or fear in the hearts of mature singles . Well, this is what we are here for! At Begin Again, we encourage people to rediscover love, form a communicative relationship, and receive compassionate support.

Here are 10 smart ways to make dating after divorce a little easier!
  1. Read real-life accounts of people!
    Platforms like Quora or dating app reviews would help you feel more comfortable in your skin as a divorced single looking to date! Realizing that you have a community to fall back on, helps immensely.
  2. Join virtual communities of divorced people reentering the dating pool
    In the communities themselves, you can find support and credible advice. Begin Again itself is a community app that curates its users according to strict criteria. Don’t be afraid to press that “Join” button today!
  3. Join safe and specialized dating apps
    This seems like the most careful thing one can do to restart dating after a divorce. Joining the generic apps that cater to 20-year-olds would prove useless as they are a “fast swipe” culture and don’t focus on building long-lasting and meaningful bonds.
    Apps like Begin Again not only keep a curated list of users but also provides great support in all areas. Join an app that would not waste your time.
  4. Watch relevant movies and shows - it’s all about envisioning success
    Streaming services have a variety of content available. When you find a realistic character, you unconsciously find comfort and more confidence. A divorced man or divorced woman finding love successfully would make it easier to start dating.
  5. Have a look at dating profile templates for an attractive bio
    Finding the right words to describe yourself is probably hard for anyone. On top of it, the pressure of dating again after a divorce can seem too tough to handle. So, the Begin Again templates can help you with it! Even finding interesting jokes on Google or taking inspiration would do wonders.
  6. Prepare a list of 5 fun online activities or icebreakers
    So you found a match but struggle with making the conversation interesting. That would be bad for dating after divorce right? Avoid such a situation by finding 5 good virtual activities or nice icebreakers.
  7. Know what you want from dating - right from the start
    As a mature woman or man, you have faced life. You need to be honest towards yourself and your needs as a divorced individual. If you’re looking for marriage, keep that as a goal in your conversations. However, there’s nothing wrong with taking things slow and building a relationship or long courtship first.
    Honesty is truly the best policy
  8. Plan a thoughtful virtual date - save time and effort for the best!
    As a divorced man or divorced woman, you’d have a ton of responsibilities. This can be related to work or family. It is hard to find time for an outing and lots of questions can plague the mind - safety being one of them. Meeting someone through a Netflix Party date or virtual dinners is the best way to see if there’s a real connection.
  9. Run errands with your match
    The lack of time on a divorced individual’s hands can prove to be problematic for dating. To navigate such a situation, try to run small errands together. For instance, a grocery shopping trip along with a light lunch and some shopping. This obviously comes at a point where you’re comfortable with a match to meet them in person
  10. Experiment - introduce fun back into your life
    Things like bowling, going for long drives, visiting a comedy show, etc is not just for younger people. Divorced dating can definitely include all the romance and be sincere at the same time. Remain true to expectations and be open to having light-hearted fun too!