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18 Best Date Ideas If You're Over 40

Dating in your 40s can be a little intimidating. One can be wondering what to do on dates! Most of the younger couples seem to be going clubbing or long weekend trips to make memories. But what can a 40-something couple do while dating? Well, Begin Again has done the hard work and compiled a list of the best date ideas if you’re over 40!

Read to know the best ways to spend quality time together while dating as a matured couple .

  1. Run an errand trip together
    Nothing is more special than doing mundane things together! And if you enjoy your match’s company while shopping for groceries, you have hit the jackpot.

  2. Take each other to your favourite cafes
    Explore food from your matured partner’s eyes!

  3. Visit a pet shelter
    What could be better than having some furry friends around? This would work out perfectly if you’re both animal lovers or looking to stay away from the bustling city crowds.

  4. Try new cuisines together
    Always wanted to try that weird new dish (sushie?). Try it with your date and dating in your 40s can become all about exploring.

  5. Go to a bookstore
    If you or your partner enjoy reading, this makes up for a super special date. Take them to the oldest bookstores in your city. This would certainly leave a great impression and show your sincerity towards them.

  6. Book a table in their favorite 5-star restaurant
    Looking to woo your mature dating partner? Just book a table in their favorite luxury eatery and see them light up instantly.

  7. Have a Netflix Party Date
    Quality time doesn’t need physical proximity anymore! Watch a movie with your partner online and enjoy each other’s company even from a distance.

  8. Visit historical monuments
    A trip back in time is like no other. Mesmerize your date with an outing to your nearest historical monument as you exchange your views on it!

  9. Bond over painting
    Find an eatery that offers a painting canvas. Dating in your 40s would become super fun with such quirky ideas.

  10. Take a stroll and indulge in street food
    We don’t even need to go into the details of this one!

  11. Take each other on a blind date to your favorite sights
    It can be a cafe or a scenic area in your city. Surprise each other!

  12. Visit a religious site
    Spirituality brings one peace like no other. Find peace in each other’s company by going to a temple/mosque/gurudwara/church/ashram of your choice!

  13. Go to a comic show
    People who laugh together, stay in love longer. Enough said.

  14. Attend a concert/ghazal night
    Indulge in good music and make superb memories while dating in your 40s. Music is the best!

  15. Go for some skin/hair pampering
    Dating in your 40s is all about finding a partner that brings you comfort. Indulge in a heavenly hair massage or facial as a couple at a salon.

  16. Join a meditation class
    Meditating together can bring you closer than ever and help you create meaningful silences. Go for it!

  17. Relive your childhood and visit an amusement park for light rides and some good food!

  18. Cook together
    Dating in your 40s isn’t always about going out. The advantage of being mature is that you can be perfectly happy staying inside. Cook your partner’s favorite dish and bring them a memorable surprise!