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Dating Guidebook for Matured Singles

If you are matured single and looking to start dating and find love again we have the “where” figured out, let’s delve deeper into the “how” of mature dating or dating for people above 30. Now, Indian men and women in their 30s and 40s are ready to restart their love life with enthusiasm. But there can be a lot of questions on one’s mind when it comes to dating as a matured single. Well, this is why we’re here to help!

Dating for Matured Singles - Where to look for a date?

The first question that would arise in mind would be - Where to find a mature date? The concern is quite legitimate and there are a ton of options to look for!

  1. Online events or meetups
    It’s a decent way to step back into the world of dating after going through a divorce or separation and as simple as enrolling yourself in an online community that sparks your interest. It can be anything related to your hobbies - from reading to Zumba! The events that happen online are convenient to attend as one doesn’t have to leave everything to travel to a destination.
    The best part is - one can be completely safe while attending such events. Conversations generally flow naturally after an icebreaking session.

  2. Offline events/fests
    Imagine attending a book fair and finding a group of fellow fiction enthusiasts. On an outing with this group, you’re not only likely to find platonic companions but also someone who would spark your interest and bring you familiarity! Bonus points if it’s a meet and greet event.
    There’s nothing like meeting a potential partner who already gets your major interests and even shares them. Conversations would rarely fall short of stimulating topics and you’d get to know each other easily as there’s already something in common.

  3. Dating apps
    Then comes to the most important avenue - dating apps that cater to mature singles. Mature adults are more likely to feel comfortable if the conversation is happening in a safe environment and the platform is safe as a whole. At Begin Again, we have both of these aspects handled impeccably. Dating apps can be utilized to their full potential if the profiles tell a story. Begin Again is a dedicated platform that assists you in this zone. We help you create a complete profile with relevant answers so that your potential match out there can easily find you! After all, being on the same page about life goals and requirements is of utmost importance.

Dating for Mature Singles - Do’s and Don’t’s

Now that we have the “where” figured out, let’s delve deeper into the “how” of mature dating or dating for people above 30. We’ve prepared a list for the reference of matured singles that can increase their chances of finding a partner for life. Read on!

Mature Dating - Do’s Mature Dating - Dont’s
Have a list of non-negotiable values/traits Compromise with your non-negotiables as this would cause problems later on
Be mindful and respectful of the match’s space Assume the worst as this can induce anxiety in you
Communicate clearly about your expectations Share too much too soon - singles in their 30s or 40s need to safeguard some details before they can trust another person completely
Start conversations, learn about their interests, listen intently Expect the match to always be available for talking - a matured single man or matured single woman would have family responsibilities and work to take care of!
Prioritize your time with the match Keep the match above everything else in your life - keep a balance as it would help you maintain your individuality
Be open to new perspectives and opinions Consider someone inappropriate over small differences of opinions
Be accomodating Change yourself completely to impress someone, the authentic you should feel accepted

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