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Dating in your 30's

Dating after one crosses the socially acceptable age (30 in India) might have raised some eyebrows in the past. However today, the situation in India is changing for the better. With increase in globalization and financial independence, matured single people in India aren’t afraid to wait for the right match!. In fact, over 30% of a popular dating app’s user base is above the age of 30! (2019 report).

Dating in your 30s - How to make a fresh start?
A bad experience in your life could have made you suspicious and doubtful. But with so many welcoming dating app options out there, it’s possible to restart in your 30s! After all, there’s not a number on love, is there?

However, dating in your 30s is certainly different from looking for a partner in your 20s. People in their 20s are more casual with their dating approach and look for excitement and adventure. On the other hand, singles in their 30s are quite different and relatively more matured. An unsuccessful romantic relationship in the past or a lack of any prior experience in relationships can become a hurdle.

At first, signing up on a dating app can be intimidating. However, with Begin Again, it’s like a personal motivator joining you on your journey to finding lasting love!

Individuals in their 30s wish to share their lives meaningfully with a compatible person. Excitement and adventure are just traits that would fade in short term. So, for a person who’s looking to date in their 30s, there needs to be something deeper and more meaningful to a connection.

This can include a shared vision of life, a conscious desire to form a long-lasting bond, mutual respect for each other’s space, and more! As a mature single looking to settle down, one’s responsibilities become solely their own. And at this stage of life, what we want more than anything is to share them with someone who understands, right?
Dating in your 30s - Important Factors
At Begin Again, we hope to contribute to people’s lives - not only as just another app that stays on their phones for a while. But as a friend that motivates them to give another chance to love. To make this process easier, the app is equipped with meaningful questions. It not only helps you showcase your best traits but also helps you to understand if the other person can suit your non-negotiables. A complete and detailed profile is what it takes to grasp the attention of the right person and we’re here to help.

Furthermore, another concern that can impact a person’s decision to start dating in their 30s is the safety aspect. At Begin Again, we’ve ensured to keep this aspect at the topmost priority. Our platform is driven by an invite-only model where only credible singles can join. We understand the doubts that can plague a matured single’s mind who’s looking to share their life with someone compatible. This is not all, each profile is checked thoroughly and we take complaints with utmost sincerity. Nothing about Begin Again is casual - from our vision to how we operate!
Bottom Line - Dating in Your 30s Can Change Your Life for the Better!
It can be a little scary to step out of our comfort zones but the things worth doing are seldom inside it. So, why not extend a willing hand to a blissful life with a partner who compliments you? Dating in your 30s is absolutely worth it. At this stage of life, you’re aware of what works and what doesn’t work for you. All that’s needed is a little faith, a charming introduction, and mutual respect to find love, one that lasts forever!