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Want to start dating one more time after a breakup, divorce, or dry spell? Here are some tips.

Dating is a pleasant experience where one can form new connections, and friendships, and even find a compatible partner. However, reentering the world of dating as a divorcee/separated/single individual in their 30s or 40s can be intimidating at first. But does it need to be so? Definitely not! Multiple studies have shown that Indians are becoming more adaptable to technology and using dating apps even after the “socially acceptable” age of mid-20s.

Begin Again stands for second chances at love and companionship. After all, there’s no age limit to genuine relationships! Are you finding it hard to start dating again as a 30/40/50-year-old? We are here with some impeccable tips to help you gain confidence and find the best partner. Read on:

  1. Believe and accept the second chance at love!
    While classic cinema shows us that love and dating are only meant for the 20-something generation, times have truly changed. Before you rejoin dating apps after a dry spell or a breakup, work on building your self-confidence.
    You are a capable and mature individual who deserves a genuine connection! Having faith in this concept would help you put your best foot forward.
  2. Consider counseling if your last relationship made you question the concept altogether
    While mental health awareness is gaining momentum, it still has a long way to go. Going through a painful and tedious separation or breakup or divorce can ruin a person’s belief in partnership. If dating as a separated or divorced man or woman gives you anxiety, consider talking to a counselor.
    This move will not only help you attain much-needed hope but also heal your emotional wounds. It will help make your upcoming dating journey easier and better!
  3. Join online communities and maintain an active social media presence
    So, you decide to rejoin dating apps in your 30s or 40s. If you aren’t used to social media and networking, it can be overwhelming. In such a case, make it easier for yourself by joining online communities of divorcees, single people in their 30s single people in their 30s, or separated individuals. Who knows, you’d even find some much-needed perspective in there!
    Also, having a decent social media presence would increase your chances of finding the best connection. Your potential matches will look at your online presence if things get sincere. Online impressions are crucial!
  4. Join dedicated and sincere dating apps and complete your profile!
    Joining run-of-the-mill dating apps would have you panic and lose hope faster. They have a “fast-swiping” culture. It is unfit for mature individuals who want to restart dating. Apps like Begin Again challenge such mechanisms. We focus on choosing our users to ensure safety, provide a deeper connection to all, and offer support at every turn.
    Once you’ve downloaded the app, ensure you fill in all information. Uploading elegant pictures would also add charisma to your profile. Showcase your best self to the world and avoid vague images.
    Tip - It is pertinent to use polite and respectful language. Sarcasm or offensive comments will only decrease your chances of landing a match.
  5. Expect to tackle small differences and take inspiration from Google for interesting icebreakers
    When you rejoin the dating world after a pause, it can be tough to start a conversation. You might feel like rejecting a person due to small differences - for example, their choice of pets or an astrological sign! Understand that these are small issues that can be navigated. Learn the art of “Agree to Disagree” but do it respectfully.
    In addition, make the effort to start an interesting conversation. If you’re stuck, take help from Google and Quora - there are some amazing conversation starters waiting for you.